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Okamoto By far the most popular ultra-thin condom Okamoto 002 series 3 pieces x 1 pack

Okamoto By far the most popular ultra-thin condom Okamoto 002 series 3 pieces x 1 pack

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Adult goods mail order Efforts for peace of mind

Efforts for peace of mind 1

Careful packing and confidentiality

The exterior of the plain cardboard, which is absolutely unrecognizable as an adult product, is carefully protected and packed so that the purchased product will not be damaged. In addition, the billing name of the credit card statement at the time of payment is not known to be an order at our shop. All the staff are careful to protect your privacy, so you can shop with confidence.

Efforts for peace of mind 2

Delivery with an emphasis on confidentiality

At this shop, you can specify the delivery slip name, product name, etc. (some cases may not be possible), and the driver does not know the contents, so privacy is protected even when you receive it. We also support pick-up at the courier service office, so you can pick up your products while ensuring your privacy. In addition, if you contact us in advance, we can also deliver to hotels on business trips.

Efforts for peace of mind 3

Your personal information security

You can rest assured that you can browse the website of this Shop and send personal information using the encryption system (SSL). In particular, due to the nature of private products such as adult goods, we believe that ensuring security is of the utmost importance, so we use advanced encryption technology that employs security certification by DigiCert, so you can settle with confidence even when using credit card payment. You can do it.