Tips: Adult products can add sexual interest, improve the quality of sex, and can also bring positive effects on sexual health.

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About shipping and shipping

About shipping cost

Introducing the basic packaging!

1. Product picking
Packing preparation
We will use various types of cardboard according to the product you purchased. All are plain cardboard regardless of size and specifications.

2. Packing
Small items wrapped in bubble wrap
We protect fragile items with bubble wrap to prevent damage to the product. A delivery note is included with the product. Fill the gaps with cushioning material to prevent the contents from shaking during transportation.

3. Labeling
Pack cushioning material
Close the cardboard box, attach labels, and finish packing.

4. Completion
The product will be shipped in this state. There is no information that can be identified as adult goods from the outer box.

About shipping

In addition to hiding the product name, we also provide an environment where customers can shop with peace of mind in various other ways.

Delivered in plain cardboard!
All products shipped from our shop are delivered in plain cardboard. Therefore, it cannot be determined that it is an adult goods when viewed from the outside.

The name of the sender who does not get caught
The shipping source is described as romantic-life, which is the name of the operating company. Even if the co-resident receives it, it will not be judged as an adult goods by looking at the shipping source.

The product name can be changed freely!
You can freely set the product name on the invoice.
When selecting the delivery product name, please select Other and enter the desired text.

Depending on the content of the product, we may send it with a different product name from the content selected at our discretion. Please note.

When you order a large product and the product name is romantic, etc., there is a strong sense of discomfort.
If the contents entered cannot be delivered due to the regulations of the shipping company.
When the content you enter is reminiscent of adult goods
Yu-Pack and Yamato Transport require specific details, so we may add some information.

In any case, we will send it with a product name that a third party does not know that it is an adult goods. Do not worry.

For customers who are still worried
If you live with us and are worried that your mail will be opened by mistake, or if you are afraid that it will be opened by mistake, please use the sales office retention service!

Since it is not delivered to your home, you can pick it up yourself at your convenience. Depending on the delivery company, it may be open 24 hours a day, so you can use it even if you are busy.

If you have any other concerns, we will do our best to accommodate you, so please feel free to contact us.