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The products are sold as joke goods. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any damages (personal injury, disaster accidents, social damages (money, time, etc.)) resulting from the use or inability to use the product.

We will try to deliver the product within the delivery date, but please note that the delivery date may change due to unexpected circumstances.

We cannot accept orders for people under the age of 18. In addition, we cannot be held responsible if the person pretends to be an adult.

We cannot accept orders from places where users cannot be identified, such as Internet cafes.

Mail order on this page is limited to Japan. We do not sell overseas.

If there is a change in the package etc., we will try to replace the site image with the latest one. However, the update may not be catching up because the package design etc. may be changed by the manufacturer without notice. Please note.

We are shooting and processing to reproduce colors that are close to the real thing. However, the color of the actual product and the posted image may differ depending on the type and settings of the monitor and other viewing environments. In addition, there may be individual differences in color depending on the product. Please note.

All sizes listed in the product information are measured by us, except for the values ​​announced by the manufacturer. We try to avoid errors, but in rare cases the size shown may differ from the actual product. In addition, individual differences may occur depending on the product. Please note.

Customer reviews received from customers are personal impressions, and we do not guarantee the contents. Please note.

We do not lend out substitutes for products under repair.

If it does not work, check the orientation of the battery and test with a new battery. There is a possibility that the attached battery is defective.

We will bear the shipping cost when the customer ships the initial defective product.

If you wish to return the product for your convenience, please bear the shipping and handling charges.

Even if you purchased by cash on delivery and returned the item before you received it, the shipping fee for the return is required, so please bear it.

(Because the carrier will charge us for returns when purchasing by cash on delivery)

Please contact us in advance when shipping products to us.

When replacing the initial defect, write down the symptom on a piece of paper and send it with the product.

This warranty does not limit your legal rights at all.

Regarding the use of our company, if a dispute that cannot be resolved through discussions between the parties arises, it shall be resolved in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations at the court having jurisdiction over our head office.

This warranty is valid only in Japan.